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Youth Programs


Applications for Interns are no longer being accepted. Fall 2023 applications will be accepted beginning in July.

Symphony Interns

The Lewisville Lake Symphony selects its Symphony Interns from students in the 8th through 12th grades. "We were looking for a select number of students who are excited by great music," says Ms. Margaret Wells, Chair of the Symphony's Civic Relationships Group. "In return for helping the House Front team at performances, the Interns get community service credits and an opportunity during final rehearsals to sit on stage among members of the Lewisville Lake Symphony all-professional orchestra under the baton of maestro Adron Ming."

Interns Program Mission:

The program's mission is to foster the long term enjoyment of great music and to encourage student musicians.

Symphony Associates

Following the two semester term as a Symphony Intern, students are invited to become a Symphony Associate and continue their work with the Symphony by providing assistance at concerts. High School students who become an Intern during their final semester of high school may become a Symphony Associate after only one semester as an Intern. The position as a Symphony Associate may be held until graduation from college.

Spring 2023 Interns

2nd Semester Interns

Mary Berg

Matthew Chwa

Ava Hong

Kira Hurley

Eugenia Jin

Moukthika Palli

Havish Prem Kumar

Spring 2023 Associates

Heidi Chen

Ramya Chintala

Pranika Kasturi

Shravya Kasturi

Bharat Krishnamurthy

Evie Kwei

Jessie Hudson

Aiden Lee

Audrey Lee

Brianna Poon

Dakota Pope

Logan Pope

Julia Wang

Intern and Associate volunteers at the November concert

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