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Musician's Circle $100


Your name listed as a Patron in the Symphony Series programs for the season Invitation to Appreciation event / Annual meeting

Concertmaster's Circle $250


Musician's Circle Benefits plus


Voucher for two guest tickets for a Symphony Series concert (space available basis)

Conductor's Circle $500


Concertmaster's Circle Benefits plus


Invitation to the annual Conductor's Dinner
Voucher for two additional guest tickets for a Symphony Series concert (space available basis)

Symphony Visionary $10,000+


Platinum Baton Benefits plus


Private recital in your home (by request)

You may also make a donation by sending a check to Lewisville Lake Symphony
1301 Justin Road
Suite 201, PMB 461

Lewisville, TX  75077

Concert Sponsorships

The Symphony welcomes sponsors and co-sponsors for each of the concert series - Symphony, International Chamber and Pops - and for individual concerts.


Commercial sponsors and co-sponsors of a concert or Series must be from different business segments. Only four co-sponsors per series or event.


Contact the Symphony for pricing and more details.

Double your donation with corporate matching funds

You may be able to double your donation with a grant from your employer. Many companies support the arts by offering grants that match donations made by employees or retirees. Check with your HR or Community Affairs Departments. The Association can provide all the information required by your company such as our non-profit status, EIN number, etc.

You can turn a capital gain into a tax deduction

One way to help yourself and help the Symphony is to donate stock to a charitable fund operated by a financial organization like Schwab or Fidelity. These charitable funds allow you to 'recommend' grants to non-profit organizations like the Symphony up to the amount you have donated to the fund. This government-blessed strategy allows you to turn capital gains into tax deductions. Your broker or financial advisor can provide you with more information.

Donor Levels

Gold Baton $2,500


Silver Baton Benefits plus


Concert sponsorship with recognition in program, signage and promotional material for selected concert

Silver Baton $1,000


Bronze Baton Benefits plus


Sponsorship of one International Chamber concert. Guided backstage tour of the MCL Grand Theater (by request)

Bronze Baton $750


Concertmaster's Circle Benefits plus


Invitation to a rehearsal with on-stage seating in the section of your choice (by request)

Platinum Baton $5,000


Gold Baton Benefits plus


Season sponsorship with recognition at opening concert and in printed programs, signage and promotional material throughout the season

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You can sponsor a chair!

The Lewisville Lake Symphony is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit institution, thus gifts are tax deductible. 

Chair sponsorship gives you “naming rights” for a chair occupied by one of our principal players for the current season.  You can name a chair to memorialize your contribution, celebrate a loved one, give a unique gift or honor a memory.  Some examples of chair naming include:

  •    The John & Mary Smith Chair

  •    The Hernandez Family Chair

  •    The Susan Gray and Deborah Black Chair [example of two friends going together to sponsor a chair]

  •    The Kim Chiu Memorial Chair [in memory of someone special]

  •    The ABC Company Chair

  •     This chair is sponsored by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous


It’s unusual to have “vacancies” in chair sponsorships but due to some sponsors moving away, we have one chair available for the 2022-2023 season:

  •     Principal trombone ($350)


Chairs are sponsored on a “first come, first served” basis.  You full sponsorship amount is tax deductible. To sponsor one of these chairs, send an email to  We will confirm availability, payment method and the name.

To schedule "By Request" benefits, contact Nancy Wright at

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Ticket sales never cover the cost of a performance. You can help our orchestra by 'naming a chair.' As with other orchestras, our principal players are recognized by Symphony patrons who have a particular affinity for the player's instrument. Patrons can elect to assign their own name to the 'chair' or, if they wish, memorialize somebody in their family .By tradition, the Music Director/Conductor's sponsorship is that of the 'Music Directorship' or the 'Podium' depending on the benefactor's choice.All proceeds go to the Lewisville Lake Symphony. The tax-deductible sponsorship fee is $350 for a principal 'chair,' $400 for the Concertmaster's 'chair,' $550 for the Associate Conductor Directorship,'  and $600 for the 'Conductor's Podium'.Visit the Orchestra page to see which chairs are available.

Chair Naming

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Program Advertising


Business Card ad @ $150
Business card size ad in Symphony program all season

Third Page ad @ $300
4.5” X 2.25” size ad in Symphony Series program all season

Half Page ad @ $500
4.5” X 3.5” sizecolor ad in Symphony Series program all season

Full Page ad @ $1,000
4.5” X 7.5” sizecolor ad in Symphony Series program all season

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