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Paul and Marjory Vickery

Paul Vickery served as medic in a surgical team during World War II. On his return, he became a student at SMU. There, fellow student Marjory noticed him in the library one day and accidently dropped a book in his path. Unknown to her, he had noticed her a few days before, dressed in an eye catching tennis outfit and was very willing to pick it up. They lived happily ever after for the next 63 years. "Darn expensive book, though," was Paul's afterthought. Marjory would just smile inscrutably.


Paul and his father founded a company that eventually became the biggest distributor of floor coverings in the southwest. He passed away in August this year. Marjory put her passion into education. She was the first woman to be elected to the Board of Trustees for LISD leaving quite a few local good ole boys wondering how they let that happen. She was also the first woman to be elected to the Texas State Board of Education on the Republican ticket. Her work is acknowledged in the name of the Vickery Elementary School in Flower Mound.


Both were fervent supporters of the Symphony with both financial help and with hard work as volunteers. Marjory is a past Chair of the Symphony Board.

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