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Lee Vander Waal

Lee Vander Waal came across as an open, cheerful salesman. People did not always notice that he was a lot more astute than he liked to imply. Like any really good salesman he was a shrewd judge of what makes people tick. That made him the Symphony's master talent scout. Just about any volunteer who has been working with the Symphony for a while will say Lee talked them into joining with arguments that gradually moved from persuasive to irresistible. He also used his business skills to cajole the organization into adopting a more viable structure and smarter budgeting.

The symphony's musicians are paid professionals while the volunteers who run the business and operations side are unpaid. Lee helped ensure the volunteers' efforts were recognized and business, once completed, often turned into enjoyable social gatherings. The Board decided to raise a glass to Lee and vote him in as the only Emeritus Honorary member to be chosen posthumously.


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